The top 3 travel trends for your future food-focused getaways

Get ready for a new world of taste and travel, on a S.A.L.T. excursion with Silversea.

Greek panzanella salad made in Paros, Greece.

Interstate travel and overseas holidays are back on the table. But after 18 months of border closures, how is the travel industry adapting to a post-pandemic world? In 2022, the thrill of landing in a foreign country goes hand-in-hand with health protocols, but also a yearning for deeper connections and novel experiences.

This exciting new world of travel is rewriting the recipe for food-focused holidays. If you’re the type who travels to eat, expect to see some trends on your itineraries: hands-on experiences, an emphasis on cuisine and culture, plus a focus on local and sustainable produce. Here we explore the top trends shaping culinary travel adventures around the world.

Interactive culinary experiences

“Food is the most powerful expression of any culture. And we know that avid travellers collect experiences, not trinkets,” says Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s Chief Commercial Officer. In 2022, food-lovers are searching for other-worldly dining experiences to counteract the mundanity of the past 18 months at home.

Think: hyper-local, hands-on culinary adventures. Sample honey collected from hives in Balinese rice paddies, learn how to make cheese in Mykonos or take part in a private cooking demonstration with a renowned chef in Manila. If you prefer to leave the cooking to a chef and take your meals at a table, expect diverse menus that cater to everyone and can be tailored to your preferences.

Adam Sachs, director of the S.A.L.T. program, at a taverna by the sea in Patmos, Greece. Photo: Lucia Griggi.

Connection to cuisine and culture

In 2022, globetrotters crave a deeper understanding and appreciation for the cultures and foodways of the places they’re visiting. Travellers want to know where their food comes from, the culinary roots of each dish and how the ingredients were sourced. A new program débuting on Silversea’s Silver Moon is an immersive culinary experience that ticks all these boxes.

Dubbed S.A.L.T. (Sea And Land Taste), the program offers gastronomic experiences that capture the flavours of each onshore destination. “S.A.L.T. is all about connecting travellers to the places they’re visiting through the lens of food and drink culture,” says Adam Sachs, director of the program.

Curated onshore excursions like village market trips immerse you in the cuisine and culture, while cooking classes in the onboard S.A.L.T. Lab give you a feel for regional ingredients and traditions. What’s more, the S.A.L.T Kitchen menu changes daily to reflect the dishes of each port. “We’re able to give our guests more context for understanding local food culture,” says Sachs.

Focus on fresh produce

In this new era of food travel, the paddock-to-plate revolution reigns supreme. Restaurants and cafés are turning to locally grown and sourced food, with one eye on supporting farmers and the other on sustainability. Planet-conscious eating is also on the rise, with zero-waste food and plant-based meals taking prime position on the global dining stage.

When you arrive at your first post-pandemic holiday destination, flick through the menus of your surrounding restaurants. Don’t be surprised if you find their dishes are dedicated to showcasing local ingredients from regional suppliers.

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