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Crazy rich Asian food

The movie sensation has you hankering for hawker food, and we’ve got you covered.
Crazy Rich Asians features many classic Singaporean dishes

Has Crazy Rich Asians got you fired up for Singapore? Short of jumping on a plane, and in the absence of an “Asian Bachelor“, million-dollar antique earrings or other wish-fulfilment, we’ve got the next best thing: those tasty, tasty foods.

In the movie Rachel falls in love with Singaporean street food with Nick and Colin and Araminta at Newton Food Centre. For those flavours at home, you could dive into classic satay (or this fantastic Nonya pork variation) or an oyster omelette.

Chicken satay

What about chicken rice, a hot-button topic for Singaporeans everywhere? And will you take your laksa lemak or assam-style?

And finally no Singaporean feast is complete without crab. In the movie it’s classic Singapore chilli style, but if you want to go with a bit more of a local vibe, try the finger-lickin’ goodness of black-pepper crab. Just watch out for your Marchesa gown – designer tulle and crab can be a challenging combination – and don’t drink the finger-bowl.

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