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Expert air travel tips with Jason Dundas

Top-tier executives on the move: they're the ones who can tell you what the best airport lounges are around the world, how to tackle jetlag, whether to role or fold and the best hotels to do business. We chat to a few in our monthly Business Class column.

Jason Dundas

Where do you travel regularly for work? “I live in Los Angeles where I work in the entertainment industry. I also work for David Jones as its menswear ambassador and I host The X Factor on Channel 7, so I’m constantly travelling between LA and Sydney.”

Suitcase of choice? “I use Tumi hard-shell suitcases, which allow me to fold suits and clothes with a minimum of creasing. I use a couple of different garment bags inside my suitcase to keep my wardrobe segregated.”

Pre-flight routine? “The day before I travel I try to switch my body to the time zone of the country I’m heading to, to minimise jet lag. I try to sleep as much as possible on long-haul flights so I often do a high-energy cardio workout just before getting on the plane. Currently I’m right into swimming.”

Essential cabin baggage items? “I always pack my Nespresso travel mug in my carry-on, and just before I land I have the cabin crew fill it with a Nespresso Grand Cru so I’m ready for a day’s work as soon as I hit the ground.

Onboard routine? “I drink a lot of water and try not to eat anything – the body is under a lot of pressure during flight. I love being able to disconnect from the world and do nothing but read and watch movies. After I’ve watched a movie or two I try to sleep for most of the flight. I fly Qantas a lot and love getting into their PJs. Once I take a little melatonin and put in my silicon ear plugs, it’s game over. I don’t normally wake up until just before landing.”

Who do you fly with when you’re working? “I fly Qantas most of the time – I’m a platinum frequent flyer and the loyalty benefits make sense to me. I love the Qantas A380 flight from LA to Sydney. I just feel more comfortable on a larger plane.”

Aisle or window? “I rarely leave my seat once I’m settled on a long-haul flight, so I always go for the window seat.”

Favourite airline lounge? “The Qantas first-class lounges in both Sydney and LA are really great because of their massage rooms and amazing restaurants.”

Favourite hotels for business? “I love QT Sydney – its rooms are large, with huge bathtubs, a cool restaurant and access to the Virgin Active gym and pool across the road. If I want to be closer to the water I’ll stay at the Adina Apartment Hotel in Bondi, perfectly positioned in Bondi’s restaurant and café hub, and walking distance from the beach.”

How do hotels get it right for business travellers? “For me it means fast check-in and check-out, bags that arrive quickly to the room, fast WiFi, a killer gym, a restaurant so good you don’t need to leave the hotel, a quiet room and a massive comfortable bed.”

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