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Samantha Payne

Sommelier and Drinks Writer

Meet Samantha Payne, globe-trotting drinks communicator, sommelier, and wine consultant. Her days are a whirlwind of jet-setting across the world — writing wine lists, engaging in captivating discussions about fine wines, and collaborating with winemakers and filming in diverse wine regions. Known for her expertise in Australian wines, Samantha graces panels, hosts prominent events, and shares her insights on the Australian wine and food scene on a national and international stage. As a seasoned wine judge and educator, she brings unparalleled depth to every tasting experience. When she's not on the move as the Travelling Sommelier, Samantha channels her passion into the written word as the drinks writer for Gourmet Traveller, crafting immersive narratives about wine, spirits, food, and travel. Her work has graced renowned publications including( but not limited to) Broadsheet, Decanter (UK), Condé Nast Traveller (USA), and shared her wine wisdom on 'How to Drink Wine with Samantha' on The Guardian's wine video channel alongside her regular features on The Guardian Australia. And while she’s an avid lover of wine, she’ll never shy away from a salt-rimmed Tommy’s Margarita.

Glasses filled with various vermouths.

What is vermouth?

Thanks to a new wave of Australian producers, vermouth is returning to drinks cabinets as the sexy sidepiece in a Martini or simply to enjoy solo, writes sommelier SAMANTHA PAYNE.