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Jaclyn Koludrovic’s quince and lemon pudding

Savour it one spoonful at a time.
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“My ultimate go-to sweet recipe in winter when I need some comfort is a quince and lemon pudding, preferably with Meyer lemon,” says Jaclyn Koludrovic.

1 Cover 4 peeled and quartered quince in sugar syrup (equal parts water to sugar) in a baking dish, add a few savoury spices like juniper berries and cardamom, and bake at 150°C until pink (3 hours).

2 Beat 60gm soft butter with 120gm caster sugar, a pinch of salt and the zest of 2 lemons. Separate 3 eggs, and beat in yolks, one at a time, until pale. Add 60ml lemon juice and beat to combine. Transfer to a large bowl.

3 In batches, fold 50gm sifted self-raising flour into the batter, alternating with 230ml milk. Whisk eggwhites to

stiff peaks, then fold into batter.

4 Drain quince, place in a baking dish, then top with batter. Place dish in a roasting pan half-filled with hot water and bake at 200°C until golden and set (22 minutes). Serve immediately.

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