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Gourmet Traveller’s first-ever Clean Eating issue is out now

Featuring flavour-packed fresh recipes and a bonus 70-page cruising issue.

The cover of our February issue

All things fresh are found in Gourmet Traveller’s first-ever Clean Eating issue, out now.

But don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll find the words ‘detox’ or ‘diet’ – as always, our February issue is flavour first. Inside you’ll find recipes full of summer produce, such as textural salad and noodle bowls, no-cook chilled recipes, plus turmeric and ginger-laden stews, omelettes and iced drinks.

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Gluten-free, but have a sweet tooth? No worries – from matcha popsicles to chocolate-peanut butter popcorn bars, our desserts in this issue forgo gluten but refuse to sacrifice indulgence. As for those steering clear of animal products, we’ve collated our favourite vegan recipes from The Australian Women’s Weekly’s new cookbook, Vegan Kitchen.

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Also included is our deluxe 70-page cruising special, in which Michael Harden boards a handcrafted yacht to explore Indonesia’s Komodo National Park; Emma Sloley traces frontier exploration through America’s serene north west on National Geographic’s Sea Lion; and Larissa Dubecki travels to Normandy along the Seine.

Our first clean eating issue also marks GT editor Anthea Loucas Bosha’s last. With 13 years tenure, Loucas Bosha is our longest-serving editor, and has tirelessly encouraged the very best of Australian food and travel in ways felt beyond the pages of Gourmet Traveller – including, at the very least, being an early adopter (and passionate bastion) of the Negroni.

Cheers to that. Pick up a copy from newsagents and supermarkets nationwide, or subscribe through Magshop here.

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