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Long songs to listen to while you await Longsong

The opening of David Moyle’s new restaurant, Longsong, has been delayed; here are his favourite long songs to tide you over.

The Cure's "Homesick" is on the list

Back in September, the word was that Franklin chef David Moyle’s Melbourne side-project, Longsong, would open in November 2016. It’s now 2017 and the Thai-grill-and-wine-bar extension on the first floor of Longrain on Little Bourke Street is looking unlikely to open before July, with Moyle citing the heritage building and 19th-century engineering among the complicating factors. So to tide us over and while away the hours till Melbourne gets its Moyle on, we asked the chef, who’s as particular about his playlists as he is his produce, to share a few of his favourite long songs. Over to you, Dave.

David Moyle.

“I have a thing for songs in long format, from family driving holidays as a youngster with a Walkman listening to The Doors live and The Cure, to wigging-out in teen bands trying to play along with Metallica and Slayer. Then, starting as an apprentice in Melbourne, I had a Discman for the lengthy commute, and things got really experimental.

“I think all these tracks are worthwhile but if you’re thinking of dropping them into a playlist for a picnic or otherwise unleashing them on an unsuspecting audience of more than one, I urge caution. I’ve learned from experience that the long song is a divisive beast. But there’s still something to be said for pushing through and sharing them with potential objectors. After all, long songs tell better stories.”

Telegraph Road“, Dire Straits, Love Over Gold, 14’18”

No one does the rolling extended guitar solo like Dire Straits. Kick arse.

“Townsville”, The Necks, Townsville, 53’40

Absolute commitment to the long format with a single song per album of jazz-tinkling goodness.

Aheym“, Kronos Quartet with Bryce Dessner, Aheym, 9’59”

A side-project from the guitarist from The National. He often collaborates with old mate Jonny Greenwood, the guitarist and keyboardist from Radiohead. Turns out he can compose classical arrangements as well. People like this make me feel completely inadequate.

Homesick“, The Cure, Disintegration, 7’01”

Formative. Are we there yet?

Forever“, Dean Blunt, Black Metal, 13’01”

A new find. Not what you’d call suitable for the restaurant, as I learned the hard way.

Rush to Relax“, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Rush to Relax, 24’38”

These guys know how to extend a song. Best experienced live.

Boleskine“, Windhand, Soma, 30’29”

Is it shoe-gazer/stoner rock? Is it doom metal? Does it matter? Do it.

BBF3“, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada, 17’45”

Not to be confused with their current iteration, Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

45:33“, LCD Soundsystem, 45:33, 45’58”

Originally conceived as a soundtrack for joggers. Has been known to feature on the playlist at Franklin, sometimes more than once in a night. Gets you in the groove, longer.

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