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Watch: inside the restaurant named after those famous XO pipis

It's old-school meets new-wave at the Golden Century restaurant group's latest Sydney restaurant. We take a look inside, outside, and round and round.
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Love the XO pipis from Sydney’s Golden Century? How about a sibling restaurant named after the signature dish?

The Golden Century group have done exactly that with XOPP (pronounced X-O-P-P), an old-meets-new Cantonese restaurant in The Exchange Building in Sydney’s Darling Square precinct. It’s a family affair, with parents Linda and Eric Wong starting the restaurant group back in 1989, son Billy taking the lead at the group’s latest venture, and brother Alex behind the design of the space.

Here, Billy talks through the family history of Golden Century, the design concept behind XOPP, and how the restaurant’s build helps him stay fit.

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