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Say hello to your new favourite organic soda

It’s been a very, very long year. But summer’s almost here, and we’ve found the soda you’ll be sipping every time the sun’s out.

Has summer ever felt more necessary? More earned than it does this year? This year, more than any other, it’ll be a season of celebrations and reunions. A time for gatherings with friends, where you can all raise a glass to the fact that you’re together again at last. And we think we’ve found the perfect drink for toasting freedom and all of life’s good things: Belvedere Organic Infusions.

This new ready-to-serve range features organic Belvedere vodka and fruit mixed with sparkling water. It also contains no sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives, and has less than 83 calories in each can. And there’s a flavour for everyone’s tastes, including Lemon & Basil, Blackberry & Lemongrass and Pear & Ginger.

Here are three reasons why these Organic Infusions will elevate your esky this summer.

1. They’re convenient (and more sustainable)

2021 (and 2020, really) has made Australians thirsty for social gatherings. And one of the few silver linings of restrictions and lockdowns is that they collectively renewed our love for the great outdoors. Picnics are back in a big way and patches of grass in popular parks are just as hard to come by as a table at a hot new restaurant these days. Minimal fuss ready-to-serve drinks are the perfect, practical choice for any of your al fresco occasions this summer.

Cans aren’t just for beer and soft drinks anymore – spritzes, seltzers and cocktails have joined the party and they’re not going anyway. Cram your cold esky with Belvedere Organic Infusions; The ideal drink for park catch-ups, beach days or any time the mercury’s high.

Cans aren’t just more convenient – they’re also a lighter and more sustainable alternative to glass bottles or disposable plastics.

2. They taste better than ever

Let’s face it, canned drinks have come a very long way since your university days. Belvedere is a premium vodka with decades of experience. Now, it’s applying that same dedication to craft and expertise to its ready-to-serve range.

Every flavour in the range is refreshing and nails a tricky balance: they’re fresh and fruity, but they don’t overdo it on either.

3. They’re better for you

We’re not here to say that drinking alcohol is good for you. But what we will say is that – considering Belvedere Organic Infusions’ low calorie count – it’s a sensible option to go for if you’d like to have a drink that’s low on sugar and carbs, without compromising on taste.

And at just one standard drink a can, a Belvedere Organic Infusion is a great way to enjoy a beverage or two without getting too silly.

Belvedere Organic Infusions are also made without sugar, are low carb, gluten free and vegan. They contain ingredients that are farmed with no artificial pesticides, additives, or chemicals, allowing the natural taste of each ingredient to shine through.

Belvedere Organic Infusions are available in ready-to-serve 250ml cans in selected bottle shops at a RRP of $28 per 4-pack. What are you waiting for? Elevate your esky this summer.

Sponsored by Belvedere.

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