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Shake up whisky on the rocks with these cool cocktail recipes

We’re turning scotch into a summer refreshment.

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Some scotch enthusiasts believe that whisky should be served one of two ways: neat or on the rocks. But Australian bars have been breaking the rules for quite some time now.

Challenging the way we drink, whisky cocktails have become a staple on drinks lists across the country. Signature whisky-based cocktails are stacked alongside innovative concoctions with a lighter, floral twist. This new wave of whisky drinks gently introduces uninitiated drinkers to the robust spirit through approachable mixed drinks.

So, how do bartenders transform full-bodied scotch into something worthy of a summer Spritz? It all comes down to the quality of the whisky. For cocktails, use The Glenlivet’s Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Its smooth and fruity flavour profile lends itself to mixing with other ingredients and spirits, like passionfruit and vermouth.

Keep reading for our best whisky cocktail recipes, from a familiar Manhattan to unexpected floral sips.

The Boilermaker Sour

If you’re attempting whisky cocktails for the first time, start with this sweet concoction by Melbourne bar Boilermaker House (from the team behind Eau de Vie). With fresh passionfruit pulp, sugar syrup and scotch whisky, this reinterpretation of the classic Whisky Sour is just right on lazy summer afternoons.

The bar’s general manager, Jack Sotti, told Gourmet Traveller: “With the passionfruit, it has pleasant fruity and floral notes and a light fluffy texture. It’s a great cocktail if you’re just getting into whisky and makes for a cracking apéritif.”

Highland Nightcap

The perfect sip to end a lavish evening, this nightcap is equal parts sweet and zesty. The smooth, spiced notes of single malt scotch whisky go hand in hand with the floral sweetness of honey syrup, making it a delicious drop before bed. Garnish with lavender flowers and lemon twist.

Grain And Crane

This spirited drink is inspired by Scotland’s most iconic dessert: cranachan. Both the drink and dessert showcase Scottish whisky and fresh raspberries as the key ingredients.

Here, white balsamic vinegar brings a touch of vinous acidity and complexity to an otherwise refreshing raspberry whisky cocktail. Serve in a highball glass to elevate your summer soirées.


Even the whisky traditionalists can’t argue with a Manhattan cocktail. This classic, spirit-forward drink is crafted with bitters, sweet vermouth and a maraschino cherry garnish.

Vermouth is the modifying agent here, so lean more heavily on sweet or dry vermouth depending on your palate. Equal parts of both culminates in the ‘Perfect Manhattan’. We’ll raise a glass to that.

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