Seven stemless wine glasses and tumblers to sip from at your next soirée

Our top picks to add to the bar cart.

By Jessica G. Lynch
When it comes to chic yet practical additions to your bar cart or collection of glassware, you might want to keep stemless wine glasses front of mind amid your pursuit of curation.
A staple for relaxed afternoon drinks and languid soirées, the humble tumbler marries style with nonchalance.
While collectors and industry professionals may often opt for a wine glass with a stem so as to not let body heat interfere with the wine's serving temperature, there is something rather slinky about chatting on the sofa, turntable going, tumbler in hand.
With quality and style in mind, we've curated an edit of some of the best stemless wine glasses that will look chic in the palm of any entertainer or budding sommelier.

Seven stylish stemless wine glasses for the bar cart