10 best oil and vinegar bottles for drizzling, dressing and dipping

The makings of vinaigrette never looked so chic.

There's something so satisfying when decanting oils and vinegars into matching bottles, pourers or shakers - whether it's to transfer them into bottles that make reaching for these permanent cast members of home cooking easier than ever, or it's finding a fine vessel that doubles as an art piece on the kitchen counter.
Whatever the reason, there's a wide variety of vinegar and oil bottles to choose from. To help narrow your search, we've rounded up the best oil and vinegar bottles to buy in Australia - dressing a salad has never looked so chic.
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Salt & Pepper Amana oil and vinegar pourer, $14.97 (usually $24.95) at Myer
This softly curved glass bottle in a simple organic shape will house your precious oils and/or vinegars. Topped with a sturdy cork stopper to seal in the freshness, this oil and vinegar pourer will look right at home perched upon any modern or minimal kitchen counter.
Baccarat Spice Market stainless steel oil bottle, $59.99 at House
This vintage-inspired stainless steel oil bottle is designed for the flavoured olive oil infusions enthusiast. It's the perfect vessel for storing, preserving and infusing oil blends, and will match seamlessly with existing silver kitchen appliances and accessories.
Cole & Mason oil and vinegar dispenser bottle, $89.95 at David Jones
Add a splash of flavour to your dishes with this two-in-one oil and vinegar bottle. Featuring a stainless steel lid that rotates to switch between oil, vinegar and closed positions, making your own vinaigrette has never been easier.
Robert Gorden Garden to Table oil bottle, $30.99 at House
Perfect for those looking for a rustic flair, this lightly glazed ceramic oil bottle by Robert Gorden is not only a great design pick, its durable clay body means it withstands everday bumps and scratches - it's an oil bottle that will last a lifetime.
Personalised oil and vinegar bottle, $73.99 at HardtoFind
An oil and vinegar bottle, with a touch of personalisation. Leave your dinner guests in awe with this one-of-a-kind vessel.
Kink oil bottle in grey, $175 at Jam Factory
Made using traditional glass blowing techniques and designed by Deb Jones for Jam Factory, the Kink oil bottle features a bold sculptural presence and is a joy to look at.
Eva Solo oil and vinegar carafe, $89.95 at HardtoFind
'Drip-free pour' is music to our ears and the Eva Solo oil and vinegar carafe does just that. Made from heat-resistant brosillicate glass, just add your favourite herbs and spices to create your very own oil infusions.
Oil and vinegar bottle set, $90 at Le Creuset
In a classic Le Creuset colourway, this bold oil and vinegar set will be sure to make a statement at any lunch or dinner party.
Sophie Conron oil and vinegar drizzler set, $115 at David Jones
This premium porcelain oil and vinegar drizzler is finished with an non-stick glaze and rippled surface - these are the perfect bottles to house some delightful dressings.
The Luxe Set olive oil and vinegar glass pourers, $52 at Oliver & Tom
Minimal, chic and practical is synonymous with this olive oil and vinegar set by Oliver & Tom - you'll want to keep this luxurious set centre-stage, at all times.