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5 European-designed dinner party items worth investing in

Up your dinner party aesthetic with tableware from some of the most renowned names in decor and design.
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Many of Europe’s most celebrated decor brands are now considered dining table mainstays Down Under. Here are five that every dinner party enthusiast should invest in.


Wedgwood: Experimenting with the potential of clay, Josiah Wedgwood started as an independent potter in Staffordshire, England in 1759. A creative and astute businessman, Wedgwood quickly became one of Britain’s most inspired and successful ceramicists and his genius elevated pottery to an internationally recognised art form.

To model its fine tableware, the prestigious British ceramic house combines modern technology with ancient skill. Inspired by the decorative motifs favoured by the neoclassical architect and designer Robert Adam, the Renaissance Gold collection features bold Wedgwood blue and 22-carat gilded detailing.

$299, wedgwood.com.au

Iittala: Grounded in the Nordic values of durability, functionality and reliability, Iittala is an iconic Scandinavian design mainstay. Founded in the small Finnish town of Iittala in 1881, the brand began as a glass factory before expanding into hand-crafted homewares.

A sustainable approach to manufacturing and distribution has remained intrinsic to the Iittala DNA. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Raami dining collection was complemented with a new limited-edition recycled glass tumbler. Iittala became the first industrial manufacturer to create a tumbler solely from waste glass.

$29.95, iittala.com.au

Fornasetti: No object was too small nor too conventional to become a canvas for the Italian artist and designer Piero Fornasetti. From china plates to pillows, waste bins to chairs, Fornasetti transformed an array of household objects with unexpected imagery and motifs.

During his lifetime, the prolific designer created more than 11,000 works, many of them featuring the iconic motif that makes his work instantly recognisable — the face of 19th Century beauty and operatic soprano, Lina Cavalieri. Since passing in 1988, Fornasetti’s lucrative design business has been fronted by his son who has carried the signature style of intricate and playful illustrations across new designs.

$243, amara.com.au

Riedel: Best known as the inventors of varietal-specific stemware, Austrian glassware house Riedel has a rich history of innovative design solutions. In 1974, Claus J. Riedel, ninth generation, designed the first collection of wine-friendly stemware, promoting purpose before aesthetics in order to enhance the taste, balance, bouquet and finish of wine to the sensory.

With multiple accolades to his name, the now-CEO and president of Riedel, Maximilian J. Riedel, has been the principal designer of the glassware company’s iconic decanters since 2013. Named after the world’s most exclusive and coveted breed of hen, the Ayam decanter marries functionality with exceptional aesthetic appeal.

$599, petersofkensington.com.au

Bitossi: The unmistakable ceramics of Bitossi are an integral part of Italy’s design history. Unusual, elegant and simply pleasurable to look at, the brand’s ceramic collections are now home decor staples. Established in 1921, the brand truly came into its own in the 1950s, when master ceramicist Aldo Londi was appointed art director.

In 2007, Bitossi launched Bitossi Home, fusing the brand’s traditional approach to design with a cosmopolitan spirit. The result: aesthetically modern decor collections that boast harmonious colours and simple elegance.

$30, amara.com.au

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