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2017's best boxed chocolates

To give, share or eat alone - we encourage all three - good things often come in fine packages. We round up our favourite boxed chocolates.

By Samantha Teague
It was Plato or possibly Forrest Gump who observed that life is like a box of chocolates - you don't know what you're going to get. But in this case, you do: the best boxed chocolates bar none. Inside these colourful, ribbon-tied cartons you'll discover bright-red spheres filled with raspberry and rose, chequered cinnamon and sesame pralines, pastel pink pyramids, and salted-caramel cubes with splashes of gold. Dig in without fear - we've done the testing for you.
Above, descending from left to right:
1.Koko Black Grandmaster Gift Box, $140 for 64 pieces
2.31 Degrees Custom Chocolates, $28 for 12 pieces
3.Winnow Chocolates Golden Salted Caramel Box, $39.95 for 25 pieces
4.Bibelot bonbons, $50 for 16 pieces
5.Koko Black Hazelnut Praline Quail Eggs, $24 for 12 pieces
6.Kakawa gift box, $58 for 25 pieces
7.Sweet Stone 4 Stones, $12 for 4 pieces
8.Sue Lewis Seasonal Truffles, $70 for 30 pieces
9.Cioccolato Lombardo handmade chocolates, $22.40 for 8 pieces
10.Robyn Rowe Executive Box, $77 for 25 pieces
11.House of Anvers Premium Fruit Collection, $20 for 12 pieces
12.Haigh's Chocolates Milk & Dark Assortment, $49.50 for 21 pieces
13.Winnow Chocolates Pink Ombré Pyramids with Vanilla Chai, $17.50 for 6 pieces
Above, from top to bottom:
1.Winnow Chocolates Tuquoise Ombré Cubes, $13.50 for 9 pieces
2.Josophan's gift box of fine chocolates, $25.95 for 12 pieces
3.Bibelot bonbons, $29 for 9 pieces
4.Ladurée Incomparable Chocolate, $45 for 12 pieces
5.Just Bliss Couture Collection and Truffles, $33 for 16 pieces
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