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Happy first birthday, Bar Brosé

To mark their first year of service at the Darlinghurst restaurant renowned for late-night toasties and gougères, they’re calling on close friends to help them celebrate. And you’re invited.

By Maggie Scardifield
Bar Brosé's Liz Mitchell, Analiese Gregory and Emily Brown

Sydney restaurant Bar Brosé turns one this weekend - and what a year it has been for chef Analiese Gregory and the team. To mark their first year of service at the Darlinghurst restaurant renowned for late-night toasties and gougères, they're calling on close friends to help them celebrate. And you're invited.

Mitch Orr, of Brosé's sibling restaurant, Acme, says he'll "put some things on Jatz", Ben Sears, of the former Moon Park, will be on fried-chicken duty, and Pasi Petänen will rock out his beloved carrot and liquorice dessert from the late Café Paci. The fun kicks off on Sunday from 3pm. 

Ahead of all the action, GT caught up with Gregory to reflect on her first year calling the shots.

What's been your biggest accomplishment in your first year, Analiese?

Surviving. The fact we're still here and still have a sense of humour - just.

Who's been Brosé's MVP over the last year?

Tysen Armstrong holds us all together. Tysen has been with us from the beginning; however, he's grown and developed into being a central character of the Brosé team. He looks like Wolverine, too, and is just as charismatic.

Who's been your most memorable diner so far?

In our second week, a waiter came to the pass to tell me that Massimo Bottura was sitting on table 23 and eating a carbonara. They were telling the truth. I almost had a heart attack.

What do you have planned for Brosé's first birthday cake? 

Something really Australian that we all love eating: a giant panna cotta lamington with coconut cream and cherries (apologies to Flour and Stone). There's something truly enjoyable about making giant food.

How many late-night toasties has the team eaten so far? 

Around 500, I'd say. How many gougères is the real question these days.

What's been Brosé's most popular dish?

Our most popular dish has sadly been retired: the poulet au vin jaune. The current most popular is our lamb ribs with date syrup and toasted spices.

How did the Instagram hashtag #GirlsWithMagnums come about?

What's better than wine? Wine in magnums. I think it started as a joke to send up all the male sommeliers I know with their #unicornwine and #baller hashtags - then more and more girls who love magnums started coming out of the woodwork. Now we get together to drink magnums and the occasional jeroboam.

Where to after the first-birthday service is done and dusted?

To be honest my current after-work celebration is a midnight swim in the ocean and a bottle of pet-nat. Plus, there's not much open on a Sunday after midnight these days.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to your pre-Brosé self?

Just open a late-night sandwich shop.

And what are your plans for the year ahead?

Plant a garden, cook with more vegetables, go to Mexico, make a wine, start a bread program and, oh yeah, get some sleep. 

Bar Brosé's first birthday, Sunday 19 March, from 3pm, 231a Victoria St, Darlinghurst, NSW, 0450 307 117,

  • Author: Maggie Scardifield