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The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery’s recipes for spring

Take a leaf out of the book of Ali Currey-Voumard, our 2019 Best New Talent winner, and opt for fuss-free, flavour-packed cooking with the season's best ingredients.
William Meppem

Ali Currey-Voumard, the winner of Gourmet Traveller‘s Best New Talent award for 2019, is behind the fresh flavours and hyper-local philosophy of The Agrarian Kitchen Eatery in Tasmania. Her food has been described by our reviewers as “bracingly tasty, often playful, always comforting”.

Here, she and Agrarian Kitchen founder Rodney Dunn share their recipes for a spring lunch that’s perfect for enjoying outside, with plenty of friends and good wine.

Turkish flatbread with beef and yoghurt

The Agrarian Kitchen’s take on the Turkish favourite of lahmacun is just the thing to snack on as your guests enjoy their first drinks.

Cured leatherjacket with horseradish vinaigrette

It’s not hard to cure your own fish, and the results speak for themselves. Consider it your next cooking project and master it just in time for warmer weather.

Rhubarb and chamomile tart

A classic custard tart provides the canvas for Rodney Dunn and Ali Currey-Voumard to play with flavours like musky chamomile and tart rhubarb in this stunning dessert.

Char-grilled spatchcock, celery heart, fennel and spring onions with lemon sauce

We say it’s never too early to fire up the grill. Welcome the return of warmer days with this recipe where both greens and meat hit the hotplate. The bonus? It’s ideal for feeding a crowd.

Roasted pork belly with tomato and cucumber relish

Roast until the meat is juicy, the skin crisp and you can’t resist the cooking aromas any longer.

Labne with salt-roasted beetroot, pickled onions and peas

A harmonious mix of sweet, tender peas, pickled onion and slivers of beetroot provide exactly the right amount of colour and crunch for creamy labne.

Spring-green salad with buttermilk dressing

“The idea of this salad is to use whatever greens you can get your hands on in spring, and of course there are many,” says Rodney Dunn. “We love to combine the cooked and the raw for different textures.”

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