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Ciao Papi’s Campari and orange granita

Equal parts boozy and refreshing.
Three crystal glass cups filled with shaved ice, topped with hollowed-out orange halves filled with orange granita.Benito Martin

“This is a great after-dinner dessert-slash-cocktail,” says Ian Trinkle. “We wanted to use up all the empty orange shells after watching our orange-juice machine split oranges in half.” Start this recipe one day ahead to make the granita.



1.Mix ingredients (except orange halves) in a large bowl, pour into a tray and freeze overnight.
2.Freeze orange halves to chill (1 hour). Scrape frozen mixture into ice crystals with a fork, then spoon into orange halves. Serve on ice with orange wedges and a classic Italian digestif such as Amaro Montenegro on the side.

For sugar syrup, combine equal quantities caster sugar and boiling water in a jug and stir to dissolve.


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