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Lau’s Family Kitchen’s scallops stuffed with prawn mousse

For best results, find the freshest of fresh scallops.
Lau Family Kitchen's scallops stuffed with prawn mousse

Lau Family Kitchen's scallops stuffed with prawn mousse

Mark Roper
2 - 4

This is an ethereal dish with delicate flavours. It relies on the finest scallops to make the dish sing; in this case, large scallops from Western Australia will give the best results – go for dry scallops that haven’t been soaked in water.


Scallop sauce


1.Place prawns on a chopping board, then with the side of a knife, press down firmly to roughly mash them, then finely chop until smooth paste. Transfer to a bowl, add a tiny pinch of salt flakes and mix well.
2.Slice scallop horizontally three-quarters of the way through, then open up and smear a little prawn paste onto one side. Close, and repeat with remaining scallops.
3.Heat a well-seasoned or non-stick frying pan over lowmedium heat. Add scallops, making sure they’re not touching each other, and cook until light golden (1½ minutes). Turn scallops and cook until centres are just firm and opaque (30 seconds to 1 minute).
4.Meanwhile, for scallop sauce, bring chicken stock to the boil in a saucepan. Add oyster sauce and sugar, then stir in potato flour mixture to thicken slightly. Keep warm.
5.Bring 500ml water to the boil in a separate saucepan and add vegetable oil. Add fioretto and blanch until just tender (1 minute). Drain, refresh, and toss with a pinch of sea salt.
6.Arrange scallops on a plate, pour over sauce, and top with fioretto to serve.

Fioretto, flowering cauliflower blossom, is available from select supermarkets and farmers’ markets. Substitute snow peas or asparagus.


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