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Pinbone’s witlof, grapefruit and pecorino salad

A salad with plenty of bite that's ideal alongside rich dishes.
Witlof, grapefruit and pecorino saladBen Dearnley

“Bitterness is a flavour we love and crave,” says Mike Eggert. “It’s often overlooked and not celebrated, but not in this salad. We serve the bitter fresh witlof with acidic grapefruit pieces and balance it out with chives and pecorino. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a rich sweet ragù, or roasted beef.”



1.Combine witlof, grapefruit, olive oil, vinegar and half the chives in a large bowl. Season to taste and gently toss to coat. Transfer to a plate and serve scattered with pecorino and remaining chives.

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