Barbecued butterflied lamb leg with saltbush rub

This saltbush-rubbed lamb is paired with a simple yoghurt-lemon sauce. Make it the star at your next barbecue.
Barbecued butterflied lamb leg with saltbush rubBen Dearnley
6 - 8
1H 10M

Butterflied lamb leg is excellent on the barbecue, especially when treated to a marinade first – it can be for as little as an hour, but for the best flavour marinate it overnight.


Yoghurt-lemon sauce


1.Combine oregano, garlic, spices, dried saltbush, lemon rind and oil in a large bowl, add lamb and rub all over with marinade. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and leave to marinate at room temperature for 1 hour (or refrigerate overnight, removing from fridge an hour before cooking).
2.Heat a barbecue to medium-high heat. Remove lamb from marinade, place on barbecue fat-side down and grill, turning every 10 minutes, until cooked to your liking (45-50 minutes for medium-rare). Transfer to a tray, cover loosely with foil and rest for 20 minutes.
3.For yoghurt-lemon sauce, mix ingredients in a bowl and season to taste.
4.Slice lamb across the grain, top with saltbush and serve with yoghurt-lemon sauce.

Ground saltbush is available from select grocers and online from Saltbush is available from select greengrocers.

Drink Suggestion: Gutsy, spicy red grenache.

Drink suggestion by Max Allen


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