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Crunchy cucumber with yoghurt and mint

Australian Gourmet Traveller salad recipe for crunchy cucumber with yoghurt and mint.
Crunchy cucumber with yoghurt and mint

Crunchy cucumber with yoghurt and mint

William Meppem

This side salad goes well with barbecued meats and seafood, especially if they’re a little bit spicy. Alternatively, you can blend this into a chilled soup, adding yoghurt to suit your taste. 




1.Combine cucumber and 1 tsp sea salt in a colander, stand until liquid seeps from cucumber (20-30 minutes), squeeze excess moisture from cucumber, transfer to a bowl.
2.Meanwhile, whisk yoghurt and lemon juice in a bowl to combine. Season to taste with freshly ground black pepper and add to cucumber (see note), stir to combine, transfer to a serving platter and scatter with mint.

Note Leban yoghurt is a thick Middle Eastern yoghurt available from select delicatessens. You can also drizzle the yoghurt over the cucumber for a more polished presentation.


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