Snacks and sides

Scallop ceviche with mango and avocado salsa

For easy summer entertaining, with minimal fuss.
James Moffatt

Ceviche is perfect for easy summer entertaining, but it is essential to buy really fresh scallops from a reputable fishmonger. When buying scallops, look for firm, intact, lustrous flesh and shells with a fresh sea smell.


Lime dressing


1.For lime dressing, combine ingredients in a non-reactive bowl and season to taste. Reserve 2 tbsp separately for serving and refrigerate.
2.Remove scallops from shells, cut into quarters then add to bowl with lime dressing and toss gently. Set aside to marinate (15 minutes).
3.Wash and dry scallop shells.
4.To make the salsa, stir coriander stems, avocado, mango, shallot, cucumber and chilli in a bowl with reserved lime dressing to combine. Drain scallops and gently stir into salsa. Season to taste and divide among shells set on a platter of crushed ice. Scatter with coriander leaves to serve.

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