11 impossibly smooth panna cotta recipes

Dessert time? Take it to the fridge!

Coffee caramel panna cotta
Sink your spoon into these super smooth panna cottas. The beauty lies in their silky texture, and the fact that they can be prepared ahead of time and unmoulded when it's time to serve.
Our coffee caramel version pairs a classic vanilla panna cotta with coffee-spiked caramel and coffee praline; though if you're looking for a lighter version, our yoghurt panna cotta is fragrant with blood orange and juniper. Momofuku Milk Bar maestro Christina Tosi puts her nostalgic spin on the dessert with a Cereal Milk panna cotta, and for a very Australian version of the Italian treat, Sydney's Alberto's Lounge shares their recipe for a panna cotta made with macadamia milk.
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