The most popular recipes of spring

It was all about vibrant colours, big flavours and a little bit of spice this year.

Fried tortillas with broad beans, feta and lime
The dishes you had on high rotation this season range from desserts, both simple and complex, while lighter pasta dishes of romanesco, pipis and pancetta were also in the limelight. It was a mixed bag, which is reflective of what happens in the kitchen when the weather doesn't know what it's doing.
Cool nights? Spiced chicken fatteh and Persian chicken warmed you up from the inside out, while seasonal vegetables played front and centre with roasted pumpkin with zhoug, braised mushrooms with polenta and a beetroot and orange salad proving they're more than just a side dish.
Take a look back on the recipes that made your last three months and know it's not too late to give them one last spin.