Plunge into the smooth with these cold brew coffee makers

Cool, cool cuppa joes.
Melanie Maya via Getty.

Languid in process and taste, cold brew is the all seasons coffee order smooth on the palate and cool to the touch.

Unlike traditional coffee makers that use hot water to extract flavour and aroma from coffee grounds, cold brew makers steep the grounds in cold water usually for 24 hours in the fridge. This results in a concentrated extract – more smooth and less acidic – than a regular cup of joe.

So that you can reap the benefits of a slower and smoother extraction, we’ve curated an edit of top-rated cold brew coffee makers to take the plunge with.

5 top-rated cold brew coffee makers to shop

Takeya 1.8L cold brew coffee maker, $54.95

Made in the States, this maker features a fine mesh filter, a leak-proof lid, and makes a mean cold brew.


OXO Good Grips cold brew coffee maker, $85.39

Steeping grounds for 12 to 24 hours, this maker produces smooth coffee concentrate and automatically stops filtering when the carafe is removed. Just dilute with water or your milk of choice.


Primula Burke 1.5L cold brew maker carafe, $50.18

A morning java jive is made all the more easier with a carafe like this one that can keep brew fresh for up to two weeks.


Bodum jet black 1.5L cold brew coffee maker, $43.71

If you’re a fan of the French press, you’ll be saying oui to a glass of cold brew from this Bodum maker.


Hario Mizudashi 1L cold brew coffee pot, $30.33

With an easy pour spout, sipping on smooth brew come afternoon tea is a cakewalk.


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