How to enhance your at-home wine experience

Refine last year's ritual.

Venturing out in search of a cozy wine bar is always a good idea. For both wine connoisseurs and novices alike, there’s no better feeling than spying an as yet unoccupied table in the corner of a bustling establishment on a Friday afternoon. With a curated wine list to peruse and a skilled sommelier just a few feet away, an enjoyable experience is (almost) guaranteed.

That being said, there’s a solid argument for staying in and bunkering down at home too – particularly in autumn as the mercury starts to drop. Armed with the right knowledge and with the right tools at your disposal, you can almost go as far as to recreate the wine bar atmosphere at home, sans jostling crowd.

Wine list

Enhance your at-home wine experience by stocking your cellar or cabinet with an array of quality wines. That way, you’ll be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice.

Experts suggest collecting an array of tipples for every occasion and taste. Variety is important as you’ll likely be sharing your wines with friends and family who have different taste preferences. When in doubt, reach for Australian white wines. And if you’re looking to invest in a cellar-worthy bottle, always sample the wine before you commit.


For the true enthusiast a wine cellar is a given, however if your budget or floorplan won’t allow for one a premium wine cabinet is the next best option. These specialised appliances are suitable for the long-term storage of any variety and designed to simulate the most sophisticated of wine cellars.

For example the Liebherr Monolith Wine Cabinet features three temperature zones, allowing a selection of wines to be stored over a long period of time at their optimal temperature; which each zone ranging from 5°c to 20°c. Translation? A selection of red, white or sparkling wines can be stored appropriately so they’re ready to be uncorked when unexpected visitors drop by.

In case of a wine emergency – such as if the sensors detect a critical temperature change – the Monolith Wine Cabinet sends an alert so you know to preserve your collection until optimum conditions are restored.


Premium wines deserve premium glassware. Stem on or stemless – either is acceptable. Just be sure to invest in an assortment of weighty options from a top billing brand such as Riedel, Plumm or Waterford.


If you like your wine, it’s worth investing in a decanter, especially if you have a stock of older, aged reds. A decanter’s role is this: remove sediment and encourage oxidation to amplify the wine’s bouquet. Look for one with a well-rounded bottom and an open spout – this lets in air which circulates in the vessel, and helps the wine to breathe.

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