Sommelier Samantha Payne reveals the top drops for your Easter celebrations

PLUS: Win a box of iconic Peter Lehmann wines to celebrate this holiday season.

While we’re not super traditional in my house for Easter, certain boxes have to be checked off in any family holiday gathering. There has to be our grandmother’s classic potato salad on the table, fresh prawns from the seafood markets, and I have to make at least one (if not two) lamb shoulders (and pick the wine for the lunchtime festivities).

In this scenario (and also knowing what my mother likes to drink), THE Barossan range from Peter Lehmann is my pick as the perfect lunchtime wine. In particular, the 2020 THE Barossan Grenache has enough weight and structure to handle the Easter lamb, but it also is just plush, berry-fruited and delicious to drink on its own. Here are five reasons why this range will be my go-to for the long weekend.

Pair a bottle of the 2019 THE Barossan Shiraz with a next-level cheese platter for Easter celebrations.

1. Crafted from the best fruits

The Barossa is one of Australia’s most iconic wine regions. And that’s thanks in part to it being the spiritual home of Shiraz. It’s a distinctive style of Shiraz that’s exemplified by the Peter Lehmann range of wines, particularly the 2019 THE Barossan Shiraz. By site-selecting the best vineyards to produce this wine, it creates a quintessential ‘Barossa’ flavour; plums, black fruit and just that hint of cedar and vanilla from the oak. There’s nothing else quite like it and it makes the perfect addition to sunset barbeques over the Easter long weekend.

2. A dependable drop

The team at Peter Lehmann have a deep and long-held belief in respecting the wine community, and have spent decades building their relationships with their winegrowers. This continuity means they can produce consistently high-quality wine. Because of the premium wine produced, I’m always confident that if I’m presenting one of their wines to a table or drinking it myself with friends, everyone will enjoy a good time.

3. A taste sensation

Thanks to a warmer inland climate, you’re never lacking in ripeness and flavour when picking wines from the Barossa. Case in point: the structure and ripe plummy characters of the 2019 THE Barossan Cabernet Sauvignon exacerbated by violets and black peppercorn spices. This wine’s ageability, which starts being fruit forward and develops into cedar and tobacco notes, makes it the perfect gift for those with established cellars or just starting.

With a warmer inland climate, the Barossa Valley in South Australia produces high-quality, flavourful wine.

4. The Australian touch

As I’ve written about each month in my monthly drinks series for Gourmet Traveller, there is something special about the wines we craft in Australia. For innovation to occur, we have to always look at what came before and the future of what we want to be drinking (with great concern to what the land can provide us year to year). Not only have Peter Lehmann updated their labels and range of wines to keep up with these changes, but they’ve also ushered in a new generation of winemakers to craft the next chapter in the modern Peter Lehmann story.

5. Family tradition

I’ve always loved how the Peter Lehmann brand of wines continues the family tradition of naming the wines after significant historical moments in the family (and Barossan) history. My favourite is the Margaret Semillon (from The Master’s Collection), named after Peter’s wife. By all accounts, Margaret was a force of nature when building the Peter Lehmann brand, and the Semillon is a fitting ode to her and what the holidays are all about: family.

Brought to you by Peter Lehmann, one of the Barossa’s most famous and respected wineries. From the everyday to luxury, Peter Lehmann Wines are generous, bold and full of character.

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