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Lindy Klim: how I travel

The fashion designer and Omega Watches partner on island-hopping and the pleasure of checking into a grand hotel.

Lindy Klim (Photo: Liz Sunshine)

Just back from… a secret wedding-planning trip to Lake Como with my fiancé (now husband). I hadn’t been to Italy before. In my next life I’m going to be Italian.

Next up… we’re taking the kids to Croatia for a week on a boat. We’re joining another family, also with four kids, so I’m excited but also a little anxious about all those children on the water. The adults will be well outnumbered.

I’m from two very different little islands. My Dad was from Bali and my Mum is Australian. I grew up in Tasmania, and I’ve lived in Bali for the past seven years. My children go to an incredible school near Ubud, called Green School, said to be the world’s first fully sustainable school. They’re very lucky.

Growing up on small islands made me want to travel. I always wanted to see what the rest of the world was up to, so being able to find work that would accommodate that was really important to me.

I’m lucky to travel regularly for work. Although I live in Bali, my work as the founder and designer of the luxury resortwear label Rama Voyage is based in Australia. I’ve also been on some great work trips – to Milan with Nicole Kidman a few years ago for the launch of the Omega “Her Time” campaign.

I so enjoy those overseas trips – being able to explore different cities inspires me, which is important for generating ideas and collections for Rama Voyage.

My ideal destination is somewhere that’s unique and adventurous. It makes me think of a trip I took to Morocco years ago that was heaven, to Marrakech and Scarabeo Camp in the desert nearby. It was mind-blowing: the colours, the smells, the people and the markets. I got so much out of it.

I like the character of boutique hotels but at the moment I’m loving the grandest hotels – the ones with turn-down service and high thread-count. Maybe it’s that old-school glamour that appeals to me. Or maybe it’s because I’ve turned 40 and I need my comfort more.

I always, always have my Bose noise-cancelling headphones when I travel. I don’t go anywhere without them. My Rama Voyage capsule collection is great to travel with. I have a La Mer face mask that I use inflight and usually a cashmere wrap to keep me warm on the plane.

I wouldn’t mind getting into active travelling. There are so many different ways to travel these days, and the health-focused options, such as hiking, appeal to me. A lot of people come to Bali for health and yoga retreats instead of sitting by a pool eating club sandwiches.

My move to London as a teenager was really formative for me. I followed my musician boyfriend there when I was just 18 years old and in love. I spent most of those four years in London working as a nanny for my neighbour’s kids, and we’re still in touch. There weren’t many career opportunities in Tassie. I was told I could be a doctor, a lawyer, a flight attendant – but there wasn’t really anything creative I could envisage. London definitely broadened my horizons.

You need to travel to see and understand human behaviour. I can’t imagine my life without travelling, and it’s important to me that my kids have the opportunity

to broaden their experiences, too. ●

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