Watch: Mitch Orr on his first cooking inspiration, TV chef “Huey” Hewitson

As he readies to open his Italian restaurant CicciaBella with the Icebergs crew, the Sydney chef talks Chinese Bolognese, chokos and the early days of instant messaging.
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He’s opened – and closed – two Sydney restaurants in recent years, but Mitch Orr isn’t about to fold up his apron any time soon.

After shutting Acme earlier this year, the much-loved pasta restaurant that he part-owned, the chef was snapped up by the Icebergs group. The team behind Icebergs Dining Room & Bar and The Dolphin Hotel has recruited Orr to once again flex his pasta-making skills at CicciaBella, a new Italian osteria that’s soon to open in Bondi.

In between overseeing the restaurant’s build and dreaming up the new menu, Orr sat down to talk Chinese Bolognese, chokos, and the lasting influence of Huey Hewitson.

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