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Our favourite goat’s cheeses on the market

Just try to curd your enthusiasm. These are GT's picks for goat's milk cheeses of the tangy, earthy and creamy kind.
Kristina Soljo

Known for its tart yet earthy flavour, goat’s milk cheese is as delicious as it is versatile. These are some of our favourites on the market.

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1. HOLY GOAT Skyla

GT Team Favourite

This wrinkly little log is produced at Victoria’s Sutton Grange Organic Farm, a sustainable, purpose-built dairy where each of the 120-strong herd has a name. Its flavour offers subtle yeasty qualities, accompanied with a beautifully rounded mouthfeel.

$14 for 100gm, available at

2. MILAWA Goat Camembert

This traditional, Normandy-style white-mould cheese is light and delicate, with a sweet finish. We tried a young one, which was pleasantly mild, but when fully matured it can develop a robust and delicious barnyard flavour. Rest at room temperature to achieve peak ooziness.

$16.20 for 150gm, available at

3. BOOKARA Persian feta

Very few fetas on the market are marinated in extra-virgin olive oil, mainly because canola is the better looking option (it doesn’t go cloudy in the jar). Bookara, from Western Australia, is an exception and the result is a cheese with a creamy texture and rich flavour.

$10 for 250gm, available at


Tamara Newing took to cheesemaking as a form of comfort after losing her youngest son in 2011. A decade on and her Mornington Peninsula-based business is now producing more than 10 different types of cheese, from a variety of different animal milks. Our favourite is the Capri – an oozy brie encased in a light rind, with a solid kick of salt.

$15 for 200gm, available at

5. MEREDITH DAIRY Fresh dill

Meredith Dairy is a household name, and for good reason. Although best known for its marinated feta, its fresh dill goat’s cheese is,

in our opinion, the superior choice. Soft and silky cheese is peppered generously with dill to deliver bright, herbaceous notes. Try it with thin slices of smoked salmon for a decadent snack or simply spread on lavosh.

$9 for 150gm, available at Woolworths

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