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Five of a kind: Best chips to buy for the ultimate salty snack

Elevate your snack game with these best potato chips, as tested by expert chip connoisseurs — us. Here are our top chip picks.
Best chips brands to buy, according to the expert chip connoisseurs at Gourmet TravellerKristina Soljo

Whether you call them crisps or chips, there are few things more addictive than the crunch of golden fried potato. At GT, we love a chip — so much so that we consider ourselves chip experts. So we thought we’d put our favourite chip brands to the test to find the very best chips to buy.

These are some of the best in class.

Chappy’s Baked Ham & Mustard

Crafted by an ex-Movida and Quay chef, these Melbourne-made kettle chips offer flavours that are nostalgic in essence but forward-thinking in execution. Each chip is light but maintains a solid crunch factor. The baked ham edition balances sweetness and smoke with hints of horseradish and white pepper.

$6.50 for 80gm,

Bonilla a la Vista Patatas Fritas

This Spanish-made chippy is moreish and well salted. Given the decent size and seasoning, they are an excellent vehicle for crème fraîche and caviar; or to serve with Spanish snacks such as pickled mussels or jamón. For a supersized treat, these also come in a collector tin format, which is a great shout for parties.

$11 for 150gm,

Brets au Fromage du Jura

The French are masters when it comes to making cheese and, it turns out, cheese-flavoured potato chips. The narrow ripples of these butter yellow crisps add texture and surface area for maximum flavour. This Comté edition is a bonafide standout.

$7.25 for 125gm,

Boulder Canyon Classic Sea Salt

Crinkle cut chips can be divisive but these delicious discs offer up crunch and cause for sharing. Fried in avocado oil, which imparts a well-rounded taste, and finished with flecks of sea salt, these American-made chips are an excellent all-rounder.

$8.95 for 149gm,

Proper Crisps Big Cut Dill Pickle & Apple Cider Vinegar

With a cranium-enveloping crunch, these chips have an excellent potato-forward flavour thanks to the skin-on, credit card-thick cut. Our pick of the sophisticated flavour range is the dill pickle, a lip-smacking iteration that would sit nicely alongside both a fish burger or a Bloody Mary.

$6.50 for 140gm,

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