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Gourmet Institute is back for 2016

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The discovery of a new dish brings the human race more happiness than the discovery of a new star, wrote famed French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. That may be laying it on a bit thick, but we hope you’ll agree that finding new, smarter and, yes, easier ways to prepare the dishes you love, or breaking new ground and adding something fresh to your repertoire brings a special kind of pleasure to cook and diner alike.

Make a date with delicious destiny and join us at the Gourmet Institute at Harvey Norman in 2016 as the nation’s most engaging and interesting kitchen talents share the secrets of their cuisine in a fun and relaxed environment that comes complete with snacks, and is set against a backdrop of some of the most enviable kitchen-kit in the land. Whether it’s to wow the family, your friends or simply to give your skills a gentle stretch, the Gourmet Institute is an essential night out for anyone who loves to dine. We look forward to you joining the party.


Dan Hong, 20 April

Neil Perry, 17 May

Guillaume Brahimi, 27 July

Matt Moran, 31 August

Orazio D’Elia, 12 October

Mark Best, 16 November



** George Calombaris, 13 July

Shannon Bennett, 26 October


** Jake Nicolson, 25 May

Ben Williamson, 17 August


** Duncan Welgemoed, 4 May

Emma McCaskill & Scott Huggins, 21 September

To book your tickets: [

]( more information: or call Olivia Axford, (02) 8267 9507.

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