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Pinbone is bringing back brunch

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Pinbone's maple, bacon and pumpkin tart

John Paul Urizar

How much do you miss Pinbone’s brunch-only maple, bacon and pumpkin tart? Good news, it’s on the way back. The catch? It’ll be a once-off deal.

Now that the nomadic chef crew made up of Mike Eggert, Berri Eggert and Jemma Whiteman are all settled in at Good Luck Pinbone, they’re shaking things up again to bring back all the hits from their popular weekend brunch menu for a once-off Anzac Day event on Tuesday 25 April. “We’ll be doing all the classics like the tart and the corn fregola,” says Eggert. “If we get totally smashed, we might do a second, but we want to keep it pretty special.” A percentage of the day’s profits will be donated to Young Diggers, a not-for-profit service supporting the Australian military and their families.

The brunch is part of a series of hit-and-run events at Good Luck Pinbone.  On Wednesday nights over the next few months, the team will break away from their Chinese menu (which we called their best cooking yet) to focus instead on pasta, old-school Mexican and the best of autumn produce. “We’re calling the pasta night ‘Cutting Shapes at Pinbone lol,'” says Eggert. The eight-course pasta dégustation on 1 March will see the likes of cappelletti, faggotini, pici, pappardelle and malloreddus rolled out by hand with “just a rolling pin”, harking back to the trio’s days at Paddington’s 10 William St.

Wednesday 29 March will see the team roll out a Mexican feast, which will make the most of their charcoal-fuelled Weber barbecue and hibachi grill. They’ll be grilling cactus and tamales and will make mole, salsas and tortillas for tacos from scratch. “We’re going old-school,” says Eggert. “Super classico.”

Next up is an autumnal vegan banquet on 17 May with “all the mad autumn produce that’s in abundance” that time of year. Expect wild fruits and mushrooms foraged by the chefs such as pine mushrooms, grey ghosts and slippery jacks, apples, quince and pears.

With limited space, these events will sell fast. Bookings can be made at [email protected]. Menu updates will be posted on their Instagram account.

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