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The Chairman and Yip

The long-standing Chairman and Yip has relocated, and undergone a facelift.

The Chairman and Yip

An aged Chairman is getting his mojo back with some territorial reclamation on the south side of the lake. The restaurant has left the premises it occupied in Civic for nigh on 20 years to take over the space in Barton formerly inhabited by sister restaurant Malamay. The look now is reminiscent of Spice Temple, but rusted-on Chairman classics still loom large on the menu: duck and mushroom pancakes, for instance, crisp and piquant Shantung lamb belly, and the peppered prawn and beef hotpot. Malamay lives on in the form of the prawns and chilli relish with soba noodles, and there’s some inspiration from the Chairman’s Hong Kong fine-diner in the form of Xian-style spiced roast duck. After years of resting on sweet laurels, it has also freshened up the dessert options – the classic panna cotta has been tweaked with the addition of a refreshing passionfruit granita.

The Chairman and Yip, 1 Burbury Close, Barton, ACT, (02) 6162 1220,

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