Masterclass: How to cook pullet for Lunar New Year

Lee Ho Fook chef-owner Victor Liong reveals his step-by-step guide to prepare a delicious pullet chicken dish
Lee Ho Fook chef-owner Victor Liong pullet chicken dishPhoto: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine

Brought to you by Aurum Poultry Co.

Victor Liong’s modern Chinese restaurant Lee Ho Fook translates to ‘good fortune in your mouth’, which is exactly what the chef’s pullet recipe aims to achieve.

Serving a whole cockerel or pullet chicken is a celebrated Lunar New Year tradition that signifies prosperity and togetherness. This method also reduces food waste and packs an even bigger flavour punch. For a succulent bird, Liong recommends selecting a sustainably raised, ready-to-cook salt-baked pullet from Aurum Poultry Co, which retains moisture, resulting in a juicy meat imbued with a smoky, salty gai flavour, smooth skin, and it’s ready in just 28 minutes.

Below, Liong shares his step-by-step masterclass to prepare a Fook Wong pullet chicken for good fortune this Lunar New Year.

How to prepare a pullet chicken:

Aurum’s salt-baked pullet also comes butterflied, which is easier to prepare and faster to cook.

(Photo: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine)

Step 1: Cook a Salt-Baked Pullet by Aurum Poultry Co. according to instructions. Once the chicken is cooked, cool slightly to make carving easier. Remove both legs first and set them aside on the cutting board (you should be able to pull them off easily).

(Photo: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine)

Step 2: Cut the joint to release the wing pieces. Remove both wing pieces and set aside on the cutting board.

(Photo: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine)

Step 3: Remove the breast pieces by cutting through the skin down the centre line, until your knife hits the bone. Detach the drumette joint from the main carcass and pull downwards. The skin and breast should come off the bone easily. Repeat on the other side.

(Photo: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine)

Step 4: Now that the pullet pieces are separated, make each piece smaller for sharing. Separate the drumstick from the thigh by slicing through the joint where they meet (pictured above), and cut the breast into smaller parts.

(Photo: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine)

Step 5: Arrange the pieces on a plate and serve.

Brought to you by specialty poultry Aurum Poultry Co.

Masterclass: Victor Liong.

Photos: Bonnie Savage / Styling: Jacqui Erskine

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