The best produce boxes and meal kits delivered to your door

We’ve hand-selected the delivery-ready produce boxes and meal kits that send out foodie must-haves to your doorstep.
Chicken souvlaki is one of our favourite Greek recipes. Her eit is served on a plate with green garnishes, lemon wedge and small bowl of tzatzikiChris Court

Convenience may be king for these delivery boxes – but it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on top-quality produce. We’ve hand-selected some of the best produce and meal kit options on the market that deliver veggies, meat, seafood and pre-planned meals to your doorstep.

From meat-only produce boxes that showcase organic chicken (ideal for cooking up recipes like Hellenika’s chicken souvlaki, pictured above) and grass-fed steaks; to customisable meal kits that take the guesswork out of weeknight cooking, these options will take one big thing off your to-do list each week.

The best meal kits and produce box deliveries making life easier in 2024

Produce box food delivery ButcherCrowd with meat and poultry delivered monthly
Customisable Butcher Crowd box of meat, poultry and/or seafood, delivered monthly.

Butcher Crowd

Butcher Crowd is a meat delivery service that cuts out the middleman to offer high-quality Australian meat and seafood direct to home chefs. Grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised chicken and pork and wild-caught seafood are sourced from farmers, with customisable boxes delivered monthly. Highlights include Cape Grim Scotch fillet steaks, Saskia Beer chicken thighs and good quality pork mince. All cuts come frozen, so you can store then thaw as needed. For more details, head to the Butcher Crowd website.

Meal kit delivery service Marley Spoon offers chef-developed recipes and food in perfect cooking proportions.
Marley Spoon meal kits make dinners fun, fresh and varied.

Marley Spoon

Chef-developed recipes underpin this easy-going meal kit, which favours quick cook times and an array of cuisines. While the meals aren’t super advanced, they are a step above other similar meal kits, with interesting marinades and seasonings; fast preparation time; and decent produce. You can select to cook for two-four people; and get anywhere from three meals weekly or bi-weekly.

An array of produce from Good and Fugly, a produce delivery box
Wonderfully wonky fruit and veg delivered to your door by produce box company Good and Fugly.

Good and Fugly

Lesser-loved produce gets a home with Good and Fugly. This produce box rescues fruit and veggies that don’t meet supermarkets’ aesthetic standards and divvies them out in weekly or bi-weekly boxes. The produce is still flavourful and useable – sometimes just a little wonky – and changes seasonally. In summer, ripe tomatoes, carrots and beans may fill your box; while in winter brassicas and root vegetables are on high rotation.

Honourable mentions for best meal kits, produce boxes and food delivery

Meal kits

Produce boxes

Prepared meals to heat and eat

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