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Say hello to Gucci’s new Savoy luggage collection

From runway to hotel lobby: Gucci's Savoy luggage collection has arrived.
Gucci Savoy Large Duffel Bag with Gucci patterned canvas and classic Gucci green and red

Gucci Savoy Medium Duffel Bag, $3385

Katrina Soljo

It’s a thrill of the pack, and the sexy sizzle at the airport that says, “I’m going straight to the lounge,” even when you’re not. That’s what Gucci’s new Savoy trolley and matching duffel bring to your life.

Coming off a culture-defining decade, the Italian fashion house is riding high, with big moments in recent history, including Macaulay Culkin’s runway debut, Harry Styles’ ruffled Met Gala look and the heralding of a widespread maximalist vibe shift. The Savoy collection of valigeria (Italian for luggage), though, goes back to the beginning when a young Guccio Gucci worked as a porter at London’s Savoy Hotel. Transfixed by globetrotting glamour, he opened his own luggage atelier in 1921 in Florence and the House of Gucci was born.

The Savoy collection leans into that heritage, taking the 1930 GG Supreme Canvas and wrapping it up in the red and green house web, in a move that’s definitively Gucci and exquisitely Italiano, Mark each piece as a future heirloom on the move.


Gucci Savoy Small Cabin Trolley bag, $4760

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