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Bajan rum punch

A festive Christmas time cocktail from the Bahamas.
Bajan rum punchPrue Ruscoe

“My dad was a bartender for 30 years; he doesn’t partake himself but makes a mean drink,” says Paul Carmichael. “Around Christmastime he would always make Rum Punch for our neighbours – jugs and jugs of the stuff. When I was old enough he taught me how to make it and in Barbados the recipe is in the form of a poem. Make sure to use nice dark Bajan rum here; the spice referred to is nutmeg. So if you like a poetic drink, this is the one for you.”

One of sour, two of sweet

Three of strong and four of weak

A dash of bitters and a sprinkle of spice

Serve well chilled with plenty of ice




1.Combine all ingredients with ice in a punch bowl, serve immediately.

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