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Curtis Stone’s yoghurt panna cotta with strawberries and rosewater

"Draining yoghurt turns it into labne, and its creamy thickness makes for the best panna cotta in this easy-as dessert - a beautiful match for rose-scented strawberries," says Curtis Stone.
William Meppem




1.To make labne, line a fine sieve with a double layer of muslin. Combine yoghurt in a bowl with 2 tbsp lemon juice, transfer to lined sieve, place sieve over a bowl, then cover with another layer of muslin. Weight with a small plate topped with a large can and refrigerate to drain (8-12 hours).
2.Lightly oil a 20cm-diameter cake tin (see note). Whisk labne and 185ml cream in a bowl. Bring remaining cream and 150gm sugar to a simmer in a saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat, squeeze excess water from gelatine, stir gelatine into hot cream mixture to dissolve, then whisk into labne mixture until smooth. Pour into prepared tin, refrigerate uncovered to chill, then cover and keep refrigerated overnight to set.
3.Toss strawberries, rosewater, remaining sugar and remaining lemon juice in a bowl to coat. Set aside, tossing occasionally, until berries release their juices (25-30 minutes).
4.Gently pull panna cotta from sides of tin with your fingertips to loosen. Dip base of tin in hot water, then invert onto a plate and serve topped with rosewater strawberries and pistachios.

We’ve used a fluted tin, but any tin of similar diameter will work; just don’t use a spring-form tin or the mixture will leak out.


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