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Analiese Gregory’s grilled oysters with seaweed butter

Butter – especially this sweet-salty seaweed butter – makes everything better.
Grilled oysters with seaweed butter

Grilled oysters with seaweed butter

Adam Gibson
4 - 6

“I really enjoy a warm oyster, especially in winter,” says Analiese Gregory. “There are a lot of wild oysters around the Tasmanian coast so we decided to throw some over the coals and make a butter from the seaweed that grows around them. The butter here uses seaweeds that are easy to find in Japanese grocers.”



1.Preheat a woodfired barbecue until it burns down to hot, white-ashed coals.
2.Meanwhile, rinse shio kombu and soak it in 1 tbsp water in a bowl (5 minutes). Drain, finely chop, and add to a small saucepan with butter, wakame powder and white soy over low heat. Stir butter until just melted, but not separated (3-4 minutes). Keep warm.
3.Meanwhile, place oysters on a wire rack over hot coals for 2-3 minutes until hot. Pop the hinges with an oyster knife and serve topped with warm butter.

Shio kombu, dried wakame and shiro shoyu are available from Japanese grocers.

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