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Scallop crudo by Leonardo’s Pizza Palace

How best to appreciate the silkiness of scallops? Raw, and drizzled with a light citrus dressing.
Mikkel Vang
6 - 8

“I find raw scallops beautiful and quite luxurious with a sweet flavour and silky texture,” says Nick Stanton of Leonardo’s Pizza Palace. “The citrus dressing really complements the scallop and a hint of saffron adds body and brightens up the dish. It’s a great starter with bubbles.”


Citrus dressing


1.For citrus dressing, whisk ingredients in a bowl.
2.Arrange scallops on a chilled plate and season lightly to taste. Pour dressing around scallops until it forms a puddle on the plate, then spoon a little salmon roe onto each scallop, and serve topped with freshly ground pepper.

White soy sauce is available from Japanese grocers.

Wine suggestion A nebbiolo pét-nat such as 2018 Little Reddie Pat Nat from Heathcote. Drink suggestion by Guy Bentley


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