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Victor Liong’s stir-fried beef hor fun

Slippery noodles, smoky beef, and the crunch of vegetables. This dish has it all.
Victor Liong's stir-fried beef hor fun

Victor Liong's stir-fried beef hor fun

Alicia Taylor

“This is one of my favourite Cantonese dishes,” says Victor Liong of Melbourne’s Lee Ho Fook. “It’s a nice play on slippery textures, utilising the wok hei (the smokiness of the wok that’s built up over time), silky beef and a garlicky vegetal crunch. The sauce works well in any noodle or meat stir-fry.”


Beef marinade
Stir-fry sauce


1.For marinade, mix ingredients in a bowl with 2 tsp water to combine. Add beef, turn to coat and refrigerate to marinate (20 minutes).
2.For stir-fry sauce, combine ingredients in a bowl.
3.Heat a well-seasoned wok without oil over high heat until smoking. Add half the lard and heat until smoking. Add beef in an even layer then stir-fry until cooked medium (1-2 minutes; the idea is to sear and cook it evenly to medium). Remove from wok.
4.Clean wok with paper towels and return to the highest heat possible. When wok is smoking, add remaining lard and heat until smoking. Add noodles and toss lightly to separate, and cook, tossing, until charred and softened (2-6 minutes; time will vary depending on the heat from your wok burner). Add bean sprouts and toss so bean sprouts are at the bottom of the wok and noodles are on top; the steam from the bean sprouts will help soften the noodles further (1 minute). Add beef and garlic chives, stir-fry until combined and garlic chives are wilted (1 minute). Add stir-fry sauce and toss until noodles are evenly dark and glossy (1-2 minutes).
5.Transfer to a plate, scatter with sesame seeds and serve with chilli condiment.

Lard is available from select butchers and delicatessens. Hor fun or kway teow rice noodles (wide fresh rice noodles) are available from Asian grocers. Chicken powder is available from Asian supermarkets.


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