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Each Peach Pear Punch

A gin punch recipe from Archie Rose Distilling Co in Sydney that brings out the pear and honey botanicals of their Distiller's Strength gin. Throw everything into a bowl and the party's begun.
Chris Chen
10 - 12

“The Distiller’s Strength was our second gin. It’s a gin we made for ourselves,” says Harriet Leigh of Archie Rose Distilling Co. “Elegant and assertive all at once, the key botanicals (besides juniper, which is pretty prominent) are pear, elderflower, rose and honey (the honey was collected from beehives on our roof and distilled).”

“The gin is a little stronger than usual at 52.4 per cent, which gives great structure to a cocktail or a punch like this one. The pear in the gin plays off the stone fruit in the Rinquinquin, which has a great dryness usually lacking in fruit liquueurs and brings out the honey note. The lemon adds balance, and the soda gives you a chance to have a few without regretting it the next day.”




1.Combine ingredients in a punch bowl with large ice cubes, garnish with peach slices and away you go.

Rinquinquin, a peach apéritif, is available from select bottle shops, including Dan Murphy’s.


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