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Gibson cocktail

A simple twist on the Martini that's simply delicious.
Ben Dearnley
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Gibson? It’s simply a Martini garnished with a pair of little pickled onions. And it’s simply wonderful. We like ours with gin, but if you’re having a Roger Sterling moment, vodka works nicely, too. The key thing is, that like a Martini, it should be served piercingly cold. Chill your stemware well, and choose smaller glasses over large. Two small, very cold cocktails is preferable to one larger lukewarm drink. This recipe is for a single cocktail, but a batch can be prepared easily in a jug with ice using seven parts gin to one part vermouth, depending on your taste. Make sure it’s well chilled before serving; a good 40 seconds’ stirring ought to do the trick.

Pictured with devilled eggs with togarashi.



1.Chill a stemmed cocktail glass in the fridge, or fill it with crushed ice and set aside until cold (discard ice before use). Add vermouth to the chilled glass, swirl to coat with vermouth, then tip out any excess. Half-fill a mixing glass with ice cubes, add gin and stir until well chilled. Strain gin into cocktail glass, garnish with two pickled onions on a cocktail stick, and serve.

For even drier Gibsons, use a small spray bottle to spritz the finished drink with the vermouth instead of swirling it in the glass.


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