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Named after Tasmania's infamous tiger, this gin cocktail doesn't bite but it's every bit as unique as its namesake.
ThylacineChris Chen
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“The Mountain Gin takes you to the woody highlands of Tasmania, with notes of pepperberry and crisp alpine freshness,” says Leanne Hughes of Tasmania’s Southern Wild Distillery. “It’s perfect in a Thylacine cocktail – a twist on the classic Bramble – a drink which contrasts the complexity and spice of the gin with the simplicity of lemon and blackberry. It’s unique and elusive, so is aptly named after the Tassie icon.”



1.Fill a glass with crushed ice. Stir ingredients in a mixing glass to combine, then pour over ice, add berry and serve.

Sugar syrup is made of equal parts water and sugar, unless otherwise specified. Bring the mixture to the boil to dissolve sugar, remove from heat and cool before use.


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