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Grilled octopus with heirloom tomatoes and dill

Mediterranean in minutes.
Will Horner

Hardly any knife skills are required for this rustic chopped salad, and hardly any time is needed for the barbecue to work its magic on the octopus – the key is not to overcook it. Mediterranean in minutes.


Tomato salad


1.Preheat a barbecue to high. Combine octopus with paprika, garlic and fennel seeds in a bowl and season with salt flakes to taste.
2.For tomato salad, combine ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste, transfer to a platter and top with feta.
3.Add octopus to barbecue and char-grill, turning once, until just cooked and charred (1-2 minutes; don’t overcook as it will become chewy.)
4.Transfer octopus to a plate, drizzle over oil and squeeze over lemon to taste, then scatter with dill. Serve with tomato salad on the side.

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