Fast Recipes

Mustard butter prawns with corn and wilted greens

A combination of flavours that just works.
James Moffatt

Tiger prawns just cooked through, corn sautéed with Dijon mustard and butter, plus a good dose of lemon for brightness. No fooling – this one’s ready in just 20 minutes.



1.Heat oil in a large non-stick frying pan over high heat. Add prawns and cook, turning until prawns just start to change colour (3 minutes). Transfer prawns to a plate, loosely cover and keep warm.
2.Add butter, corn, garlic, mustard and lemon rind to pan and cook, stirring, until the butter is foamy (3 minutes).
3.Add spinach and kale to the pan and cook, tossing until the greens are just wilted (2-3 minutes). Add the herbs and onion and toss to coat in the mustard butter. Return the prawns to the pan with the lemon juice, toss well to coat then season to taste.
4.Divide greens mixture between plates, top with prawns and corn and serve with extra lemon wedges.

To halve prawns, place leg-side up and slice lengthways through the body. Use kitchen scissors to cut through the head. Remember to remove the digestive tract.


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