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Pastrami and spiced fennel slaw sandwich

Who said sandwiches were boring?

Photo: John Paul Urizar

John Paul Urizar


Spiced fennel slaw


1.For spiced fennel slaw, place vinegar, pepper, honey and oil in a large bowl, season to taste and whisk to combine. Add remaining ingredients and toss to coat; set aside until ready to use.
2.Preheat a sandwich press. Butter one side of each piece of sourdough and place on press. Close and cook until golden (2-3 minutes).
3.To assemble, place 2 pieces of sourdough, butter-side down on separate plates and spread liberally with mustard. Top each with spiced fennel slaw, followed by tendrils, pastrami then provolone, finishing with remaining toast, butter-side up. Serve immediately with remaining slaw on the side.

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