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Grilled prawns with coconut rice and peach sambal

Add a little luxury to your weeknight dinner.
Will Horner

When preparing the prawns, don’t remove the prawn heads, as they’re packed with flavour – simply cut through the whole prawn from head to tail. Peach adds a fresh fruit element to the sambal.




1.Preheat a barbecue to high or a char-grill pan over high heat.
2.Place rice, coconut milk and 180ml water in a saucepan, cover and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and cook until all liquid is absorbed and rice is tender (12-14 minutes). Fluff with a fork, then spread on a tray to cool.
3.For sambal, dry-roast coconut in a frying pan over medium heat until golden (3-4 minutes). Cool, then add to a bowl with shallot, lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind paste and chilli powder, and mix to combine. Add peaches and toss gently to combine.
4.Toss prawns in oil, season to taste, then grill, cut-side down, until cooked through (4 minutes).
5.Place coconut rice in a serving bowl, top with prawns and coconut sambal, scatter with basil and serve with lime.

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