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Soba noodles with nori sesame butter and sake-grilled prawns

An easy, everyday Japanese-inspired soba noodle recipe that requires little time and effort.
Soba noodles with nori sesame butter and sake grilled prawns

Soba noodles with nori sesame butter and sake grilled prawns

Alicia Taylor

This easy-to-prepare recipe for sake prawn soba noodles with nori sesame butter is a simple, everyday dinner that requires very little effort. You can also use any combination of your favourite seafood here, including crab, scallops, squid or lobster.

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Nori sesame butter


1.Combine sake, sugar, garlic, vinegar and soy sauce in a shallow bowl. Add prawns and toss to coat. Set aside to marinade (5 minutes).
2.To make butter, tear nori and place in a small food processor with a pinch of salt. Process until finely chopped. Combine butter, sesame oil and garlic in a small saucepan over low heat. Add nori and cook until melted and warm (3 minutes).
3.Preheat oven grill to high. Place prawns, cut-side up on an oven tray. Place under grill and cook, turning occasionally, until prawns are just cooked through, adding onions in the last 2 minutes (8 minutes).
4.Meanwhile, cook soba noodles in boiling salted water until just tender (3-4 minutes). Place in a large bowl, add half butter; season to taste and toss to combine.
5.Divide between bowls, top with prawns, drizzle with remaining butter and scatter with shiso, mizuna leaves and salmon roe.

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